10 Warning Signs of Lung Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

It would be incredibly difficult to find a person who isn’t aware of lung cancer, and unless they smoke, chances are it is one of the furthest concerns in their mind. However, this perception might not be without its fault, and the reason can be found in the numbers.

While smoking does increase your chance of getting lung cancer, the numbers don’t just reflect people who do smoke, meaning that lung cancer is still the second most common cancer among men and women, and it still accounts for 14 percent of all new cancers.

This year alone there will be nearly 250,000 diagnoses of lung cancer among men and women in the United States alone. On top of that, another 160,000 will lose the battle to this devastating disease.

Lung cancer is not a young person’s disease, with less than 2 percent of cases occurring in people below the age of 45 and 2/3 of diagnosis being in people 65 years or older. Men are slightly more likely to contract lung cancer than women, come in at 1 in 16 to 13 in 1 respectively.

The 10 Warning Signs of Lung Cancer